Main Characters

Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) is a geeky, but charming Paleontologist. He has a lot of bad luck with marriages throughout the seasons.  His first wife, Carol, left him because she became a lesbian. His marriage with his second wife, Emily, was short lived because he called her a different name at the altar. His third marriage, to Rachel, was a complete failure because both he and Rachel were very intoxicated in Las Vegas and they thought it would be funny to get married.

Monica Gellar (Courtney Coxx) is Ross’ younger sister. She is known as an obsessive cleaning fanatic. Also, she has a very strong urge to please everyone. She works as a chef in Manhattan. Monica Gellar’s character is very thin because as a teenager and a young woman, she was made fun of a lot for being very overweight.  There are several episodes that show “Fat Monica”

Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) dates Ross Gellar on and off for the entire ten seasons. For the first few seasons she was a waitress at Central Perk, the coffee place that the gang constantly hung out in. Later on, she found her passion in fashion and became an assistant buyer at Ralph Lauren and then an assistant buyer at Bloomingdales.

Phoebe Buffet (Lisa Kudrow) is a free spirited woman who is very eccentric.  Her mother committed suicide and her father left her when she was very young.  She worked the streets mugging people before she found her passion as a massage therapist. Phoebe casually dates, but never has a serious boyfriend until she meets the man she marries in season seven.

Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) is Ross’ roommate from college.  He is very uncomfortable with himself and uses humor as a defense mechanism. Much to the audience’s surprise, He falls in love with and marries Monica. The gang never remembers what Chandler does for a living, but he does statistical data analysis at a small firm. He mother is a drag queen and has a night show called Viva Las Gaygas. His father had a sex change and is an author.

Joseph Tribbiani is a struggling actor. He is seen in several embarrassing plays, commercials, and television shows throughout the seasons. He landed a good job playing Dr. Drake Ramore on The Days of Our Lives. His character is not too bright and he is known as a very promiscuous guy who has no serious relationships.


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