Weight Continued…

When Friends first aired, Both Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox were a healthy size 6 in jeans. They both had toned bodies without being twigs. But as the seasons moved on, it was almost as if Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox were in a battle to see who could lose the most weight. Audiences questioned whether the two actresses had eating disorders. http://caringonline.com/eatdis/people.htm and http://www.studentxpress.ie/features/anorexia.html.

Courtney Cox had to defend herself many times through the season that she did not have an eating disorder and that her and Jennifer Aniston did eat similar things, but that was normal since they ate lunch together every day for ten years.


Phoebe never got involved in the weight battle, but she always felt out of place since her appearance is very different than that of Rachel and Monica. Lisa Kudrow is 5’10” and 118 pounds. Courtney Cox is 5’5” 100 pounds and Jennifer Aniston is 5’5”-110 pounds.  Ross’ weight is also never mentioned.

When Monica and Chandler get engaged, there is a scene of Monica and the girls going out to celebrate at lunch. A woman at another table comes over to Monica and snottily wishes her good luck marrying chandler Bing. It turns out that Chandler broke up with her because she got fat.

Many audiences’ members on blogs noticed that Courtney Cox packed on a few pounds in season 10. Little did that know that Courtney Cox became pregnant in the 10th season,. The writers and directors had to hide her weight gain because Monica’s character was incapable of having children and they were in the process of adopting.


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