Anti- Smoking

The writers of friends place a heavy emphasis on the negative effects of smoking. In the first season, the friends catch Chandler smoking a cigarette in Central Perk.  The conversation leads the audience to believe that he has quit smoking for a long time and had recently started again. Rachel and Monica get up because they stress that they cannot stand the smell.  Chandler makes a joke that he missed not being able to  climb up the stairs in his building  without coughing, the stench that stays on his newly turned yellow fingers, and the ashtray feeling in his mouth when he wakes up. Phoebe pays him a large sum if he promises not to smoke again. He takes it .  In season six when Monica and Chandler are buying a house and applying to adopt a child, Monica asks Chandler if he cleaned up all of his cigarette hiding places so that the adoption agency doesn’t see anything. When Chandler moves to Tulsa, he learns that It is legal to smoke in an office room if there are  ten or les people in the room. Chandler starts to smoke a carton a day and is shown horribly coughing when he wakes up in the morning. The gang constantly criticizes Chandler whenever he picks up smoking again.

When Rachel works at Bloomingdales, she realizes that she is missing out of very important business decisions because her Boss and the other assistant buyer would often go out for cigarettes and chat about business. Rachel gets fed up with being left out and comes outside to try to chat with them and ended up telling them that she smokes cigarettes all the time that they never noticed. They were very pleased and she was included in on the decisions. She clearly was not a smoker because she grimaced, and coughed at each pull of the cigarette. When she met up with Monica at Central Perk, Monica was disgusted at her smell, while Chandler was telling her that she would get used to it in 3 or 4 weeks.


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