Pro-Gay Marriage

The characters feel strongly about marrying and staying with the person only if you truly love them.

Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) married Carol after dating for seven years. In the first episode Carol realizes that she is a lesbian and that she is in love with her friend Susan, who in turn loves her back. Later on in the series, Carol and Susan get married much to Carol’s parents’ dismay. Ross sits her down and explains to her that if she truly loves Susan and Susan loves her back that it does not matter if Carol’s parents attend the wedding or not. He tells her that she must be happy with the decision because if it is done the right way she will be married with Susan the rest of her life. They hyphen their last name and raise a son together. Everyone is thrilled that Susan and Carol get married.

The writers also toyed with the idea of the character of Chandler being gay. The gang often cracks joke about him being feminine, but they also say that there would be nothing wrong if he was gay that they would still love him just the same. Chandler’s father is a drag queen who lives in Las Vegas. He borrows Monica’s pearls before their wedding. Although Chandler is very uncomfortable with his dad being a drag queen, the gang does not make fun of it. Chandler’s mother is a lesbian, but has a fling with Ross Gellar while he is intoxicated.

I am surprised the writers were so open with their since it was such a controversial topic at the time with people being disgusted at Ellen DeGeneres coming out on television. More can be read about this at:


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