Pro- Interracial Relationships

The writers make it clear that there is nothing wrong with having interracial couples on television.

Ross meets a beautiful African American woman named Kristen on the street and offers to help her move. At this point, Rodd finds it very hard to catch a date because of all of his failed marriages and his son. He works up the courage and asks her out. When Ross, Joey, and Chandler are together at Central Perk, Chandler catches on that Rodd and Joey are dating the same girl because Joey just described how he met a girl and was helping her move. The relationship did not work out for either of them because they were too obsessed with getting her to date him that it scared her off. The following link serves as an example of this:

Later on in the series, Ross meets another beautiful, and very intelligent African American women who is perfect for him since she is a paleontologist as well. At first they hit it off great, until Ross found her making out with Joey at a party. Joey and Charley clearly did not mesh well together since Charley was much more intelligent than Joey. This time, Ross got the girl he wanted. But, this was short lived because Charley realized that she was still in love with her (white) ex-boyfriend. The scene can be viewed on YouTube at:


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