Interview #2 – Margaret (54 years old)

Do you remember when Friends first aired? What drew you to the show?

Yes. I saw I t advertised on the television and I thought it was interesting because it was a bunch of young, fun people. It seemed like a fun idea that all of these people with different personalities, and careers. I also liked the actors. I knew Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and David Schwimmer. Jennifer Aniston’s father was a soap opera star, and I knew Courtney Cox from the movie Scream.

Do you still watch it?

Yes. When I see it on television I try to catch it because I have not seen every episode. They have it on the cablevision channels. I am usually home when it is on. I don’t tape record it or anything because I’m not good with the remote.

Are you aware that Nick-At-Nite aired it again?

I know that they have all day marathons sometimes, but I am not sure that this is from Nickelodeon. I have not seen any commercials or advertisements that it is on that that time. But now that I know I will try to catch it.

Why do you think that Nick-At-Nite decided to air it again?

I think that it is an extremely popular show. Every seemed to enjoy it because it was funny/ They were young actors whose careers really took off because of it. They also brought in Brad Pitt, Tom Selleck, Morgan Fairchild, Katherine Turner, Bruce Willis, Christina Applegate, Robin Williams.

Who is your favorite Character? Why?

I would say Phoebe. She is so quirky and free. She sees life differently than any of the other ones. She is too sexually free though. She is always having a fling.

What do you think the writers stress throughout the series as themes?

Friendship. They all back each other up. They are so supportive and there is no jealousy. They really want the best for each other and are there for each other. They don’t let each other down and their arguments last about two minutes. Its all the important things that you want in a friendship. When there is a death, they all cry for each other.

None of the characters hang out in bars and drink and party all night unlike the shows that are on television today. You rarely see any of them drunk. None of them do drugs. Their only vice is that some of the girls are too open sexually. They have had too many partners and they rip on Rachel for being easy in high school.

What do you think of the Fat Monica episodes?

I think they could have been a little nicer. They got her point across that she was heavy, but I think they went overboard. There are people that are hevy that present themselves very nicely. I think it definitely was intended to be funny, but it got a little out of hand. There was a nicer way to present her. Also, I think that it wasn’t very nice that Monica’s parents clearly liked Ross more than Monica.


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