Why was the spin-off of Friends, Joey, such a failure?

“Joey” was a spin-off television show of Friends. In this show, Joey moves to LA to pursue his acting career. His sister Gina sets him up with a place and her son is Joey’s roommate.  According to some reviews, people felt that the audience should have given the show more of a chance and reminded the blog readers how many problems that Friends had when it first aired. NBC placed “Joey” in the same slot that Friends was in so that they would keep the same audience. The main reason that the show was cancelled was the fact that it was very overshadowed by American Idol. The press ripped “Joey” apart. People feel that they should have left the show on because people were still drawn to it since it was the last way to hold onto “Friends” This article mentioned that Friends got criticized for not having enough minorities in the show. They added in an African-American friend, but the character was very dull. You can read more on this topic at http://poobala.com/friendsandjoey.html. It was a tricky thing for Joey to have his own show based off of Friends, but if they had done it right with the right advertising and if they had not been overshadowed too much by American Idol, it could have happened. The spin-off of Cheers, Frasier, pulled it off just fine.



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